Because the well dressed can be well read.

I was quite tempted to succumb to the sads, for in no way, shape, or form did I have any part of Fashion Week this year. Thanks to the $50,000 I took out in Law School loans, I was obligated to steer clear of all the Fashion Week hoopla. Well, almost. I did throw out a “We’re on the list," whilst galavanting around the NYFW party scene. I have a strict “no fun” policy unless someone whispers the golden words, “free booze.” Then all bets are off, I throw on my best panties, and am out the door in under 30. But that “list” crap really works! Nevermind that my nipple was elegantly peering out from behind my top. Seems it wanted a look at what was goin’ on behind that door almost as bad as Big D (that’s me, you would think I’d call my ma lady treasure 'lil D but I don’t gotta roll like that if I don’t wanna). JLo totes stole my thing.

I’ve missed New York, London, Milan and now Paris, so if I’m gonna attempt some merriment why not another “Shit Fashion Girls Say" video? They say that this is the final parody, which I believe lies in that fact that sistah’s weave is gettin’ a 'lil Raggedy LohANNE. I found that watching this was almost as exhilarating/depressing as that time I pummeled over 12 year olds to see the last Harry Potter installment. You know it’s gonna be great, but does it really have to end?